Differentials Products:

  •  Crate Axles 

We offer a complete line of crate axles and custom axle to fit almost any application. We can build them to any gear ratio, locker or posi and width and off-set you need. Our crate and custom axles include:

  • Dana 30 Front
  • Dana 44 Front & Rear
  • Dana 60 Front & Rear
  • Dana 70 Front & Rear
  • Dana 80 Rear
  • Ford 9” Rear
  • Chrysler 8.75” Rear
  • GM 12 Bolt 8.875” Rear
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  • Ring & Pinions

We carry a full line of ring & pinion gear sets for Dana, GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota axles. We also carry gears for some Nissan, Suzuki, Land Rover and Heavy Duty Applications. We strive to carry only the highest quality brands including:

Motive Gear
Richmond Gear
Dana Spicer
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  • Traction Devices

We carry a full line of traction devices including positractions, automatic lockers, selectable lockers and spools. Alcantar’s Drivetrain Perfomance is a direct distributor for:

Auburn Gear
  • Axle Shafts

Whether you have a weekend warrior muscle car, offroad Jeep or simply a daily driver vehicle, we carry everything from stock replacement axle shafts to chromoly. We offer a full range of axle from:

Dana Spicer
Ten Factory Axles
Motive Gear
  • Other Components

Alcantar’s Drivetrain Perfomance strives to be your one stop supplier for differential parts. That is why we also carry everything from bearings and seals  to oil to housings and yokes. Please call us today and let us help you get the right part for your application today.

  • Master Kits
  • Bearings
  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Small Parts
  • Oil
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